Val Waldeck

The Online School of the Bible, founded by Val Waldeck, has a vision to equip believers to study the Bible.

This ministry came out of concern for the lack of Bible knowledge so evident in the Church today. Val has a passion for the Word of God. She is an ardent student of the Word and understands how important Bible Study is. No believer should be at the mercy of people's opinions and perceptions of the truth.

Val is an international Author and Bible Teacher. She studied at the Bible Institute of South Africa. Val has a Diploma in Theology from the University of London. She was also awarded a Doctorate in Theology by Teamwork Bible College and University, USA.

Val has been in Christian ministry since December 1972. She has ministered extensively in South Africa, the USA, and the UK.

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Dr Fergus. G .Buchan. Messiah Ministries international.
l have known Val Waldeck for the best part of 15 years. We, Messiah Ministries International, have had the privilege and honor of doing a great deal of ministry together. Val has been a Pastor for over 40 years and has received a Doctorate in Theology. She is also a prolific book writer of which all are based on scripture. I am personally very excited about the launch of this online Bible study. Val's heart is to grow God's Kingdom, to teach people about Bible truths. She is of impeccable character with great integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending this very valuable online Bible study to grow your knowledge of the Word through this truly anointed woman of God.

The Reverend Mark. A. Boshoff. St. George's Presbyterian Church, Bluff, Durban, South Africa.
My wife and I have had the singular pleasure of enjoying Val's teaching over a period of 20 years, spanning from a time at a Durban Bible College, through Bible Studies and worship services at our present congregation. Val's depth of knowledge when it comes to the Holy Scriptures is only surpassed by an incredible understanding of the Scriptures themselves and Val's ability to communicate these truths in a contemporary way. Val's use of various media is second to none and really assist the hearers to see even as they hear. I am privileged to count Val among our members and as a part of our congregational leadership. I pray that God would preserve Val for many years to come so that the uncompromising Word of God will continue to be preached in a world that becomes in ever greater measure, post-Christian and secular. The sacred truths Val teaches is in accordance with our ancient, apostolic and catholic (universal) faith and I would without hesitation recommend her Biblical Studies in general and any of her thoroughly researched, carefully studied and meticulously recorded eschatological studies in particular. If you want to understand the deep truths of the Holy Scriptures from an academically qualified and ecclesiastically experienced Bible teacher that is relevant to our times, I would recommend taking up this course of study. You will never look back.

Pastor Ferdie Warwick. Church pioneer, pastored 3 churches. Director of Word on Wheels – missionary. Author of: Growing in Grace discipleship Course, The Way To God, Eternal Hope.
I have known Val Waldeck for 48 years. Her knowledge of the Bible and ability to teach the Word of God is of such a nature that a child can understand it and adults want to know more. She has a way of explaining Biblical truth that triggers a hunger to search the scriptures for a deeper relationship with our Creator. Her insight of the Word of God is rich, balanced and trustworthy. Val is a teacher of teachers. Her lifestyle backs up what she teaches, a lady of integrity with a contagious Godly Character.

Pastor Carlos de Freitas, Senior Pastor of the International Christian Church in Cascais Portugal.
It is my great pleasure to give a recommendation about a great lady. Val Waldeck Is a person that over the years has maintained her Christian standards by living what she believes and teach. Her books speak for the knowledge she has of the Bible. I was privileged to be her student on the School of Evangelism and her way of teaching far reached by imparting in a very special way much of what I learned that remains as basic principles of my ministry. I strongly recommend Val Waldeck as a Bible teacher. She will be fantastic and successful. I am available to be contacted by email - [email protected]